International Payments
Regulation Forum


Our Vision

The International Payments Regulation Forum (IPRF) is committed to helping to shape the future of the payments landscape and to enhancing ongoing global cooperation.

The IPRF recognizes that an efficient payments industry facilitates global merchant commerce. The IPRF brings together interested parties from across the globe and encourages collaboration to agree underlying principles in international payments regulation. Its aim is to achieve effective competition, encourage regulation which prevents the abuse of market power, and to promote access, innovation and mutually beneficial growth.



What type of businesses are involved?

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Merchants & Retail Associations

Increasingly globalized trade means we must fully understand the complex requirements of this new, expanding payments landscape. Merchants and retail associations should be at the centre of what these changes mean and any future regulation.


Policy Makers & Economists

Our increasingly concentrated and globalized payments industry means that now, more than ever, regulators and policy makers need to compare notes. The industry needs an improved, more holistic, understanding of what works and what doesn’t.


Industry Stakeholders

The payments supply chain is vast and brining all invested parties together at one single event is crucial to creating a well-functioning payments industry. We will have guest speakers from around the world providing insight and opinions on a globalized scale.